Monday, 18 June 2012

Global Entrepreneurship Week @ Channel 4

In November 2011 Robert S J Lucas, co founder and managing director of Disclosure Group was asked to co develop (with Channel 4 and Carve Productions) a week long scheme for Channel 4’s Global Entrepreneurship Week. We decided to create a week long production process programme which focused on the 28 successful applicants putting together a 3 minute documentary of a topic of their choice. It was called ‘For 3 Minutes’.

The process started with all the people involved having a briefing on what the week would entail. Robert said of that morning ‘It was a wonderful experience discussing their individual backgrounds and expectations from the scheme and it really cemented the idea that I wanted to develop other workshops as part of Disclosure’.

The participants were comprised of

           Camera operators
           Production assistants

Throughout the week, time was split between Channel 4 and Carve Productions HQ. The scheme involved the participants being split into 4 teams with one writer, producer, director, camera operator, production assistant, presenter and editor in each as independent production companies, giving themselves production company names and deciding on a topic for their documentaries.

The ‘For 3 Minutes’ scheme was a fantastic success and the feedback about Disclosure’s involvement was excellent. The experience really cemented the idea that with the plethora of creative talent outside the larger broadcasters, it’s a no brainer to tap into it and see what they can do given the freedom to shine.

As a result of the experience Robert S J Lucas came running back to Disclosure HQ and insisted we run our own talent schemes. So who are we to argue? We began work on our workshops and events and put a real focus on the creatives as the centre of what we provide in that space. We’re confident that anyone in the creative fields, at any level, will benefit hugely from our workshops, events and talks, and it all sprung from that week long scheme at Channel 4 in November 2011.

It just goes to show you that in this industry, sometimes you need to look outside the box to get something on it, and a career can start with the first 3 minutes or the first week, but that could lay the foundations to last a lifetime.

For more information on our up and coming workshops and events please take a look around our website. If you have any questions remember you can get in touch by simply emailing us.

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