Tuesday, 10 July 2012

No Sex Please, We’re British.

Sex eh? Great if you can get it. And here at Disclosure Group we’ve had so much we’re sick of it. No, we’re not raging sexaholics, we’ve been pulling together our new comedy; PORN.

Written by Robert S J Lucas and staring Lily Joseph, Charlotte Lewington, Matt Ferdenzi, Matthew Hendrickson, James Sebastian, Mark McKirdy, Catherine Adams and Tom Holloway, PORN is about 5 porn stars in a struggling porn company falling at the feet of free online content.

Although the title and the subject matter do sound rather risqué, Disclosure Group are responsible to the end and the show is about the effects of sex rather than sex itself so there’s nothing untoward about the show other than the sheer level of sexuality, abs and bad language.

It occurred to us that although there have been numerous documentaries about the porn industry there hadn’t, to our knowledge, been much (if any) comedy or drama about it, so we thought we’d set about creating it.

It’s interesting looking at the history of sex in TV and film and more specifically how it was dealt with through the ages. created this brilliant visual depiction of sex through the history of TV, so take the time to take a look at their ‘Brief History of Sex on TV’. Although it’s mainly focused on US TV it’s still worth a glance.

It’s not an uncommon idea that the UK is relatively reserved when it comes to all things sexual, especially when it comes to our viewing habits.  But, if you look closely at the last ten years or so you’ll see a huge leap forward in our acceptance and the freedom of TV, to show a little more to a now sexually open society. We think it comes hand in hand with mainstream cinema becoming more open and having an effect via osmosis. For example look at films such as ‘Shame’ which tackles sex (specifically sexual addiction) head on (pun intended) and even gives us a full frontal glance at Michael Fassbenders assets - something which I’m sure men and women around the world haven’t yet recovered from! Here at Disclosure Group we’re still clutching our pearls at the mere memory of it.

Porn is a strange outcast genre in the world. We all know it exists but few of us would openly discuss our preferences and tastes when it comes to ‘that kind of thing’. The topic was tackled brilliantly by Louis Theroux on the BBC documentary ‘Louis’ weird weekends’ where he examined the events and psychology going on in the US porn scene. He even revisited it recently returning to some of the stars he’d interviewed and seeing where they were now. Interestingly there were many comparisons to our new comedy, even down to the prized DVD covers in black frames on the walls!

But the core of the topic is probably where there is a lack of heart. Other genres, however dispassionate, have a solid heart at the core which goes outside instant gratification (although that can sometimes be a byproduct of it for audiences that don’t get the sentimental core of some comedy and drama). But porn doesn’t have that at its heart, so I guess it can’t latch on to the hearts of its viewers.

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