Monday, 18 June 2012

My! What A Big Package!

Here at Disclosure Group we pride ourselves not only on our productions being different, engaging and fun but also at the level of effort we go to in order to ‘package’ our shows, events and workshops e.g through literature, branding, concepts, casting and photography.

We want to share our insights and thoughts in this field to provide a clearer picture of what exactly goes into what we do and the reasoning behind why we do it.

We had a photo shoot over two separate days for this where the wonderful photographer Angus Young pulled together a very clean and clear style using white backgrounds to better enable photographic integration with our literature (on white pages of course). The beauty of the white background technique is that it can easily be stripped away and allow figures to be placed onto any background while also maintaining the clean look we wanted to achieve. We decided on a strong, bold typeface for the branding and a more delicate one on the titles of the show. We wanted to maintain focus on the characters and so our approach was overall monochromatic with a more drained colour to the images.

Cheekily, as part of the Ladies + Gentlemen shoot we asked Angus Young to take a few white background snaps of Robert S J Lucas and Joanna Defendi in costume for what was to be Going Nowhere. At the time we didn’t have a solid script but instead the character concepts. However, the colours and branding we included in the photography lent itself to the general branding. We chose a mix of a matt purple and a dusty brown which we felt summed up the two lead characters Martin and Sandra. The font we chose was a fun ‘fridge magnet’ style which gave the brand an overall quirky, flippant feel. We like it.

This branding had an overall very different feel to Ladies + Gentlemen and Going Nowhere. Angus Young decided that we’d had enough white background nonsense (and who are we to argue with someone almost seven feet tall?) so we took most of our promotional material on set. As the art direction was such that it matched the costume concept (bold, clashing colours) the imagery was a glorious mess of massive contrasting tones. The style concept for our PAs material was a thick solid border around our photography in colours which again went against the grain. It worked very well. The font was blocky and we drew the characters in so they overlapped a little. Overall it had a very 80’s vibe to the show, however it gave the entire product a fresh, open personality.

The original brief for PORN as a show was to take the colour down a little and focus on monochrome and flesh tones. On the first day of rehearsal at Spotlight studio’s we set up a separate space as a photography studio for Angus Young where we said ‘sexy’ and ‘underwear’. He turned to us as only he can do and said ‘grey’ and ‘issues’. We knew he’d get over them and so left him to tackle the space he had.  What resulted was a fantastic swatch of images which encapsulated the show to a tee. Angus was on set to snap away at the stars and get some excellent action shots (pun intended) of the cast. We are extremely happy with the results as was Angus. Phew.

For some more of Angus Young's work please take a look at his website!

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